Don't get the fever. Kill the fever

(( I like you. ))

(( ahh so I gotten a fever again gahsorry and won’t draw for a bit. brb later. ;; ))

Accidentally went through your whole blog ily you is perf

(( you..went so back!? hsksgss ohhmy thank you ,u,/// ahh I will try best of to better! * m * ))

(I’m a day early…Can’t believe it already been a year since…last time. ))


『DRAMAtical Murder re:code』OP


-Koujaku laughs his ass off and flips the finger at Noiz as he got the first route in the anime- --BY MY SIDE plays in the background-

are there more sads to come?

((ohoho~ Yes~ Another one is coming~ ))

What have you done to my feels ?

((-pats shoulder- I’m gomen friend ))

Your blog is really cool. :)

(( Hello! ’ u’ ~ Thank you ~ ))